About Macronix Golden Silicon Awards

  • Contestants must be full-time students of a university or college in Taiwan (including graduate schools). There are no separate sections for undergraduate and graduate students, and they can form mixed teams (teachers and students in in-service training programs are not eligible).
  • Each team shall comprise one to four members, and each person may register in two teams.
  • Team advisors must be university or college teachers, and an advisor can coach more than one team.
  • To encourage undergraduate students to participate in the contests, a "Young Star Award" has been established for the Application Category competition. This award is applicable to teams whose members are all undergraduate students.

Contest Categories
  • Design Category – No specific theme. It can be Chip design or Modular design. The original works verified by FPGA can register. Entries are divided into Artificial Intelligence, RF, Analog and Mixed Signal, Communications Baseband, Processor/SOC, Multimedia, Memory and Sensor Integration according to their characteristics.
  • Application Category – Presentable finished works made using existing ICs or ICs developed by the contestants. Entries are divided into Artificial Intelligence, Green, Biomedical, Automotive, Multimedia, Robotics, Digital Home, System Control and IoT according to their characteristics.

Contest Schedule
  • Stage I: Online Registration
  • Registration period: November 1, 2021 to January 13, 2022; all registrations shall be completed online.
  • Details:
    a. Please visit the Golden Silicon Awards website and fill out the registration form. Required information includes: participated category, theme, name of team, name of the entry in Chinese and English, advisor, name of the team members (captain and members), name of the school and department in English and Chinese (please provide the official names as the school's official website), and contact information (address, telephone, mobile phone, and contact person).
    b. Please visit the Golden Silicon Awards website to download and fill out the "Contestants' Student ID Submission Form" and the "Entry Summary," and attach relevant documents. Please scan the relevant documents into digital files and upload them to the registration website to complete the registration process.
    c. Each team can update its registration information using its entry number and password before the registration closes on January 13, 2022. During the period between the registration deadline and the work plan submission deadline of April 6, 2022, each team may change its team information one time (relevant data such as the name of the team, the name of the entry in English and Chinese, team members, etc.). Please email the updated information or attachments to the organizer, with the email bearing the title "A22-XXX Entry Information Changes." The above mentioned information may not be changed after the work plan submission deadline.

  • Stage II: Work Plan Submission
  • Submission period: March 24, 2022 to April 6, 2022.
  • Details:
    a. The work plan: The work plan shall be presented using A4 paper with the text typed in font size 12pt, single-spaced, within a 30-page limit (excluding the cover, references, and attachments), and saved in the PDF (Adobe Reader 7.0) format. Please see the "Notices of Work Plan Submission" on the Golden Silicon Awards website for instructions on the contents and cover of the plan. Please specify the entry number, name of the team, name of the entry, and the names of the team captain and team members.
    b. Attachments: There is no limit for the number of pages. They may be in the form of texts, graphics, videos or audio clips that may serve the purpose of presenting and explaining the work plan. (The recommended format is PowerPoint, JPG, TIF, BMP or video clips that can be played by Windows Media Player or Power DVD).
    c. How to submit: Contestants can login to the website using the account and password before April 6, 2022 to upload or modify the work plan or the attachments (the size of each file is limited to 5MB, and a maximum of three files can be uploaded) excluding the introduction to the work or videos of the working process.
    d. Each team in the Application Category must upload videos of work introduction or working process to YouTube as private video and send the URL to The Golden Silicon Awards website. Teams in the Design Category can choose whether to provide videos of work introduction.

  • Stage III: Preliminaries
  • Date: The list of Honorable Mentions and the finalists for the Design and Application Categories will be announced on May 26, 2022.
  • Details:
    a. The preliminaries will not require the presence of the contestants, and the judges will evaluate by the work plans.
    b. The judges will decide the Honorable Mentions in the preliminaries, and the results will be announced on the websites of the Macronix Education Foundation and the Golden Silicon Awards. The finalists will be notified via email. The list includes eight Honorable Mention teams each from the Design and Application Categories and 10 finalist teams each from the Design and Application Categories.
    c. Contestants may download the certificates of competition at the end of the contest to all of the teams via The Golden Silicon Awards website.

  • Stage IV: Finals
  • Date: June 19, 2022.
  • Details:
    a. The contestants of Design Category shall comprise a presentation and oral defense. Each team will have a total of 30 minutes: 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the oral defense. The contestants of Application Category shall comprise a presentation, demonstration of the work, and oral defense. The Application Category contestants must bring their works and demonstrate before the judges. Each team will have a total of 40 minutes: 20 minutes for the presentation, 10 minutes for the demonstration, and 10 minutes for the oral defense. The teams must use the Office PowerPoint to make the presentation files and save the files in the 97-2003 versions.
    b. The final results will be sealed at the end of the finals. The DIAMOND AWARD as well as the GOLD MEDAL AWARD, SILVER MEDAL AWARD and BRONZE MEDAL AWARD will announce at the awards ceremony to be held later. The Honorable Mentions will be notified via email and phone before the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for July 2022, and the venue of the ceremony has yet to be announced.
    c. Before the finals take place, the finalists must upload the receipts of scholarships through the "contestant login." On the day of the finals, they must bring along a copy of the student IDs they have registered when entering the contest, as well as documents for scholarship applications.

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